Net Metering is an Underutilized Option

Convert a Wasted Resource Into a Profit Center

Environmental concerns over flared gas and the pollutants it causes are serious issues.


GFS provides Modular Matrix CHP Co-Generation Systems are placed at stranded, shut-in, or capped gas wells, and converts it to electricity.


The units are stackable, portable and can be set up quickly. These systems burn cleanly with ultra-low emissions ratings that exceed state and federal emissions standards.


The power can be used to power the site and/or is uploaded directly into reliable

primary transmission lines and sold under long-term Power Purchase Agreement to

utility companies, rural electric cooperatives, and the end users.


GFS provides a turnkey system for any and all stranded and flared gas situations with

engineering, equipment, installation, and maintenance.


Save more than $200,000 a year in diesel costs alone.

Turn your well losses into monthly income.

Eliminate the costs of laying gas lines, $150,000.00 hook up fees

We produce “CLEAN” energy out of a wasted natural resource and reduce the carbon footprint.

     15 states are crippled by MISO (The Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.) and can’t sell electricity back to the grid. (Net Metering) Using the power for the crypto mining data boxes provides a solution in those states that flare or have capped or abandoned wells to be profitable with the MISO restrictions.

Receive a no-cost, no obligation evaluation of your specific well needs and let GFS go to work to provide the solutions.

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