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Environmental Concerns Over Flare Gas Is a Serious Issue.

Gas Flaring Solutions (GFS) provides Modular Matrix CHP Cogeneration Systems that are placed at the wellhead on flared, stranded, shut-in, capped, or low producing gas wells that converts the wasted resource into electricity at a much lower cost than traditional methods. 


GFS has solutions for the communities, the O&G Industry, creating high paying jobs, reduce global warming and greenhouses gases.


Gas Flaring Solutions mission is to provide innovative solutions for flared and stranded gas that converts a wasted natural resource into clean energy. Provide demineralized or purified clean drinking water and heat anywhere in the world while protecting the environment.  


GFS with its strategic partners provides a completely adaptable and scalable system including the equipment, installation, operations, and maintenance for all Co-Gen systems. GFS Co-Gen systems produce fuel from wells that are flaring or otherwise wasted or shut-in due to crowded gas lines or in locations without pipelines, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency while complying with all regulations. GFS can bring electricity, 100% clean drinkable water, and heat to third world countries and help the environment at the same time.

"Join us in doing our part for a cleaner, more sustainable planet."


First, many companies are flaring inexcusable amounts of natural gas.

You’d expect the basin’s largest producers to be its largest flarers.


But that’s not entirely the case. A handful of companies that are nowhere near the top 15 producers make up an outsized share of the top 15 flarers

Second, the data suggest companies can reduce wasted energy and dangerous pollution.


As you can see in the chart, some of the largest producers in the Permian appear to have improved their rate of flaring since our analysis of 2014-2015 data (the list of largest producers has shifted somewhat since 2015).


That is some good news, and it demonstrates that individual companies are, in fact, able to reduce their flaring.

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