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Abandoned Oil Wells May Cost Texas Taxpayers $117B
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RRC Data Shows Dramatic 

Decline in Flaring in Texas

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Why Bitcoin bulls still think $100K is in the cards 

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Environmental Concerns Over Flaring Is A Serious Issue.

Gas Flaring Solutions (GFS) provides Modular Matrix CHP Cogeneration Systems that are placed at the wellhead on flared, stranded, shut-in, or capped wells then convert the wasted resource into electricity at a much lower cost than traditional methods. 


GFS has solutions for the communities, the O&G Industry, creating high-paying jobs, reduce global warming and greenhouses gases.

Gas Flaring Solutions mission is to provide innovative solutions for flared and stranded gas that converts a wasted natural resource into clean energy. Provide demineralized or purified clean drinking water and heat anywhere in the world while protecting the environment.


We're Doing Our Part For A Cleaner And More Sustainable Planet.

                       GAS FLARING SOLUTIONS

  • Convert flare or stranded gas into power.

  • FREE power on-site, net metering, and crypto mining

  • We take care of every aspect of the project.

  • Free power for field operations.

  • Eliminate the expense and pollution of diesel.

  • Address governmental and environmental issues.

  • Turn well losses into a Profit Center

  • Free project analysis  



  • BiXBiT Immersion Mining

  • BITMAIN Technologies

  • Global Power Supply

  • Big Star Mining

New Mexico fines oil and gas company DCP Midstream $5.3M for air pollution violations
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Flaring of natural gas around the world is harming the environment and wasting a precious source of energy, instead could be used in productive ways like providing millions of people with electricity.


A new, global initiative aims to end routine gas flaring by 2030.


Gas Flaring Solutions Is Part of That Initiative

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